About Us


1) What does Tanach Study wish to accomplish?

Our goal is to teach as many people as possible the basic understanding of Tanach, through a modern, web-based platform.

2) Does Tanach Study learn on Shabbat and holidays?

Since we use a web-based platform, our program pauses for these days, but we encourage all of our members to review their studies on these days.

3) Who are the teachers in the Tanach Study program?

The teachers in our program are world-renowned scholars, widely regarded as the tops in the field of Tanach study. The full list of our teachers can be found here.

4) Where can I listen to Tanach Study recordings?

All of our recordings can be accessed right here on our website, from any device - computer, tablet, or smartphone. Additionally, we provide a podcast for convenience.

5) Where can I listen to the monthly classes and guest lecturers?

All of our classes from guest lecturers can be found on our YouTube page.

6) Does it cost me anything to participate in the program?

Absolutely not! Tanach Study is a free program for anyone and everyone to utilize, but feel free to support our cause by making a donation!

7) If I can't keep up with learning a chapter a day, do you recommend still joining?

Absolutely! If you find the daily program too difficult to follow, feel free to go at your own pace and learn how ever much you want.

8) How long are the daily recordings?

Between 15 and 30 minutes each - perfect for car rides or subway trips.

9) What if I have a question on a perek that I learned?

Ask us! Feel free to reach out to us; we love discussing Tanach!

10) Why are some book greyed out?

As a daily learning program, any parts of Tanach that we haven't yet gotten to will be unavailable.

11) How can I get involved on the backside of Tanach Study?

Thank you for your interest! Please contact us and let us know how you can help!

12) How can I sign up?

Check out our sign up page.

13) Still have a question?

Please reach out to us with any other question you may have!