About Us

Our Humble Beginnings

It became apparent that our most important work to our nation had started to become neglected on some level. We all knew the Tanach was the backbone to our identity, but no one knew how to increase its study in a serious and sanctified manner.

One morning a side conversation transpired amongst a few committed young professionals at the Sephardic Rabbinical College, and within 20 minutes a concept to create a platform for a textual study of the entire Tanach began to emerge.

Rabbis, educators and developers were all pitched the idea. Nearly everyone approached identified with the notion and enthusiastically dedicated their time to make it a reality. With the help of a few dedicated young men and women, a website was launched, texts were summarized, classes were recorded, and the program was publicized. Tanach Study launched in October 2015 and grew to over 1,000 subscribers within a few weeks.

Today, we look back in amazement at how a few inconsequential words and a strong will were actualized into a long overdue platform for the study of Tanach that the world can utilize.