Sefer Bemidbar

Parashat Pinehas

In loving memory of Stephanie J. Sultan A"H
Part 1: Pinehas' Zealousness and Recompense for Midian (25:10 - 26:4)
Part 2: The Census of the Tribes of Israel (26:5-51)
Part 3: Lots, Levites and the Daughters of Zelofchad (26:52 - 27:11)
Part 4: The Appointment of Moshe's Successor (27:12-23)
Part 5: The Daily, Shabbat and Rosh Chodesh Sacrifices (28:1-15)
Part 6: The Mussaf Sacrifices of the Holidays (28:16 - 30:1)

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Pinehas' Zealousness and Recompense for Midian
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