Sefer Vayikra

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Parashat Tazria

Part 6: Summary: Feeling the Distance
Part 1: Impurity Caused by Childbirth (12:1-8)
Part 2: Different Forms Of Tzara'at Part 1 (13:1-8)
Part 3: Different Forms Of Tzara'at Part 2 (13:9-46)
Part 4: Isolation and Insight (13:45-46)
Part 5: Leprosy on Clothing: The Clothing Makes the Man or The Man Makes the Clothing? (13:47-59) (13:47-59)

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Summary: Feeling the Distance
Profile of Mrs. Shani  Taragin
Mrs. Shani Taragin
Ram Tanakh in Midreshet Lindenbaum and Teacher at Matan